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When I look into your eyes by Pariaa

This is beautiful. Let me start with how breathtakingly striking your dark eyes. You have managed to capture true emotion without over-acting.
When I see this I look straight at the main focus, which I hope you intended to be your eyes because it worked. I love the red lip and blush paired with your dirty blonde hair. The colors bring out the warmness in an otherwise cool-colored photo, especially with that tiny pop of red on your fingernail.
The snow! Oh the snow. It is a great addition to this because it adds perspective and dimension without over-powering your face but also frames it nicely with your white collar/scarf.
Now the camera... I have mixed feelings about the camera in this. Sometimes when I look at it, I think it is a nice addition because, as your ID, it shows your passion. But other times I look at this I feel like it has almost been staged and takes away from the photo and the depth mainly because it is in such sharp focus.

Everything else is beautiful. It's a spectacular shot and I love it. Keep it up!
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