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The Creature in the Forest by CemeteryHillArt

This is a marvelous piece.
I love the cross-hatching techniques used on the coat. It adds much texture and dimension to the overall drawing and it shadows and highlights with precision. The stitches on his face and chest are done organically enough to not look even and planned, which gives this drawing a believable vibe. The hand is a tad disproportional but since this is Frankenstein's monster, it's highly expect to not look quite right. I have a love hate relationship with the dark outlining. It either influences a whimsical emotion or subtracts all the amazing shadowing, creating a 2-D shape.

Here are a few suggestions. I love your hatching techniques and I can only imagine how much time it must take but the background should be a bit darker. The lightness of the trees takes away from the visual impact of the drawing's subject: "Frankenstein's Monster". If the trees were darker or the sky was either all the way blocked out by the tree canopies or if it was night, the vision and impact would improve.

Otherwise fantastic piece. Keep it up and I hope to see more from you.
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